Courtroom Workshops

These 2 hour workshops offer students the opportunity to explore civil or criminal cases in a real courtroom and be introduced to the law and justice system. Your learners will create, prepare and act out their own trial, taking on roles such as the judge, jury, barristers, witnesses and defendant. The group will collaborate to enact the trial, reach a verdict and debate the best sentencing options. Courtroom Workshops bring the law to life through a hands-on, authentic and unforgettable experience.

There a variety of themes and trials to choose from to suit the needs and interests of the group. Workshops are suitable for primary pupils through to College and University levels and are also great for home education, SEN, adult education groups and more.

Key skills enhanced through a courtroom workshop include problem-solving, critical thinking and analysis, public speaking and debating.

Costs vary dependent on location and range from £7.50 - £8.50 for students in full time education.

“The activity improves their knowledge about the legal system and is really valuable for enhancing other skills, such as presentation skills and working as a team to complete their Part and have the opportunity to role play”. Into University Hammersmith